RIP Shadow

Fab Four’s Face to Face “Shadow”

Openshow Skarnes 6th of August 2016

En veldig våt men hyggelig dag på Openshow på Skarnes i dag!
Fab Four’s For Your Eyes Only ” Akira ” debuterte i ringen i dag, 5 1/2 mnd gammel♥
Hun ble nr 4 m/ hp.
Viper was BOS♥
Shadow og Viper was entered into Working Tesr WT, in Ak. A lot og good work, we need more training!


Hip hip hurray for Shadow who’s turning 7 today ♥ ♥ ♥
Best wishes to his siblings as well:
Ted, Falco, Emil, Leon, Diva, Frida, Kita og Mavis

Shadow - a flatcoated retriever