National Show avd. Ringerike 26th of August 2017

Fab Four’s Footprint “Jo-Jo” has been to her first show. She went bitch 4-6 month Puppy.
Engsboda People Cheer When I Appear “Vegas” won working class with CK and went vant BOB and BIS Workingdogs.



Show Bournmouth 14th of August 2017

Vegas’ first show in England.
He was not placed in Open.
Very nice atmosphere around the ring.

Engsboda People Cheer When I Appear “Vegas” ( CH Fab Four’s Feel The Wind – I’m Hot Your Not Black Brianta)
Bilde er tatt på klippene i Cornwall

Rudskog’s Windmaker “Kirah” ( CH Fab Four’s Feel The Wind – Rudskog’s Wishmaker)

Nova 10 years old

Today NUCH NVV-15 Fab Four’s Fortune ” Nova” is 10 years old
An amazing dog with great importance for Kennel Fab Four
We can see her in her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
She is the mother of Viper and Leah and other great dogs. Her offsprings are doing really well in the show ring all over Europe.
( picture is from Øvrevoll last year when she was BIS Veteran)

National show NRK avd Oslo 11th of June 2017

Vegas nr 1 working class m/ck , 2 BHK OG CC
Kirah nr 1 juniorkl m/ ck, BIR JUNIOR, 3 BIS junior
Leah nr 1 champkl m/ck , best bitch og BOS

Vegas med cert nr. 2 i Norge

International show NKK Ekeberg 10th of June 2017

Vegas nr 2 m/ck i working class
Kirah nr 4 i juniorkl
Leah nr 4 m/ck i championkl
Congratulation to Viper’s daughter Sigrid and Hans Ole who was BOB and BIG today


Workingtest Skarnes 5th of June 2017

Vegas and I had our first workingtest together today in AK
His scores were 12, 14,16, 17, 18.
That meens approved and 1.price
He was nr. 9 out of 31, and second best Flatcoated retriever.
I am soooooo pleased.

Breed special Skarnes 4th of June 2017

Engsboda People Cheer When I Appear “Vegas” 1 BK /ck 2 BHK CC, BOB Working class, BIS 3 Working
Rudskog’s Windmaker ” Kirah” exell in juniorkl

So proud

Vegas med cert nr. 2 i Norge

Retriever Special show Skarnes 3. juni 2017

Vegas won Working class with CK and was BOS Workingdog only beaten by his half sister Farah
Kirah got excellent in junior
We are so proud og Viper’s son Alfred (Hannemor’s Perfect Match) who won BOB today

Vegas BIM Bruks